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What is Stucco Remediation?

Stucco Remediation includes a partial or full removal of your stucco exterior. Stucco failure is usually caused by years of moisture accumulation. This excess amount of moisture is caused by the very nature of the materials used and also poor workmanship on flashing and water management systems. This moisture gathers and causes rot, mold, and sometimes structural damage that is unknown to the unaided eye of the homeowners. The need for stucco remediation at that point is a must. During the stucco remediation process, all stucco is removed, then proper house wrap, window, door, and roof flashings are installed to create a proper water management system required to keep your home protected. In most cases in the northeast region homeowners are then choosing the leader in quality fiber cement siding, James Hardie, to be installed to finish off the look of their newly remediated home.

Stucco Remediation Services

Signs Your Home Needs Stucco Remediation Services

In the last few years, stucco and Dryvit damage in the Delaware Valley seems to have reached epidemic proportions. If your home has stucco or Dryvit damage, that means there could also be structural damage from rot and potential health issues from black mold. You can’t ignore these issues. You will need to do stucco remediation and we recommend the installation of James Hardie fiber cement siding as your new exterior.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine from a cursory glance at the outside of a stucco home that there is a problem or area where water has penetrated the stucco.  The home may look just fine from the outside. There are some signs that indicate stucco or Dryvit damage though.  If you are concerned about stucco issues, keep an eye out for the following issues:

  • Cracks, dark streaks or spots under windows, wall joints or roof joints
  • Missing pieces of stucco
  • A moldy smell inside
  • Damage inside the house, particularly to window sills 
  • Damp areas on the floor
  • Leaks in windows and doors
  • Dark spots on a deck, patio, or chimney
Stucco Remediation Services

Up until a few years ago, stucco was a very popular siding material because it does not attract pests that can damage your home, and is fire resistant. However, it is very important to have stucco checked every few years to ensure there are no issues with water seeping behind it. James Hardie fiber cement siding is also pest and fire resistant with the added benefit of being storm-resistant. James Hardie fiber cement siding is a great choice for homes in climates defined by heavy rains and drastic temperature changes throughout the year. That is why our clients in Chester County and Berks County choose James Hardie siding over stucco.

Why Switch to James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Top Rated Stucco Remediation Contractor Services

James Hardie Fiber Cement siding is the number one option for replacement of your stucco. It adds great curb appeal as well as an excellent return in your investment. It has been shown that the use of fiber cement siding is the best return of investment on any home renovations done. Most builders and real estate agents would agree that it definitely adds value to your home over the many other alternatives and leaves the worries of stucco behind. You can rest assured that the resale value will be there if you decide to sell in the future or are preparing for sale now. The durability is another one of the top reasons to choose James Hardie fiber cement siding for your stucco remediation. It withstands the wettest of conditions in hurricanes, the hottest days of summer, and the coldest days of the winter weather months that our region can throw at it. It doesn’t crack like vinyl or attract woodpeckers or bugs like wood. It also adds a rich elegant look to your home that you will slowly notice take over the neighborhood landscapes of southeastern Pennsylvania in areas like Chester county, Berks county, and Montgomery county as well the surrounding areas. All of these factors add up to James Hardie fiber cement siding being the best replacement siding for your stucco remediation in our expert opinion.

If you see damage to your stucco, Contact Us about stucco remediation.

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What is Our Stucco Remediation Process?

The first step is to have our qualified stucco inspector come to your home to do a moisture analysis. He will sample many spots in your stucco siding and provide you with a full report, including detailed sketches of all affected areas and the inspector’s recommendations.  In the areas the inspector finds problems, we will remove a small amount of stucco so that we can also assess whether there has been further internal damage or rot. 

Next, we review the report and recommendations with you, and explain the process we will use to make any necessary repairs, and present a written proposal to you.  Then we check all building codes to make sure we adhere to all codes.

If you accept our proposal we’ll schedule your stucco remediation at the earliest time that is convenient for you.