Azek® Trim Installation

What is the Best Exterior Trim for Your Home?

When you are ready for a home renovation, you’ll have lots of decisions to make. Each detail of a renovation requires decisions around your budget, your style, and your needs.

When you are ready to replace the exterior trim on your windows and home, you have many options. 

Take some of the angst out of your exterior trim decisions.

Trim and Siding work

Expert Trim and Siding Installation Services

We love working with AZEK® PVC Trim, and most contractors agree. We highly recommend this cellular PVC trim product.

REMODELING Magazine ranked AZEK® Trim number one after surveying contractors about which exterior siding brand they held in the highest regard. Additionally, AZEK® Exteriors® is an innovative company, and their PaintPro® Trim Collection complements the Classic AZEK® white as a revolutionary cellular PVC trim that can be painted any color and takes only 30 minutes to dry.  The company manufactures decorative moldings, exterior trim, and column exterior trim.

These exterior trims resist moisture, are low maintenance and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  Additionally, this brand of trim comes with ready-to-install corners providing a seamless line between trim and siding. All the trim is protected by a film until ready for installation so that it arrives at the job site in pristine condition. 

There are other trim options that we also recommend depending on your budget and the scope of the work.

PVC – Plastic Exterior Trims

our house plastic exterior trims example

Why Choose Morrison Custom Construction?

We specialize in PVC trim installation. One thing that makes us unique is the ability to heat-form trims to custom-fit archtop and half-round windows and doors. Energy-saving, long-lasting PVC trims could be an excellent option for your home’s exterior trim.

Cellular PVC looks like wood, but requires little maintenance, and does not rot. 

Whether you choose AZEK® PVC Trim or another brand of PVC trim you’ll have very little maintenance to worry about. Cellular PVC siding should last at least 20 years and will require only occasional simple washing.

About Azek® Trim Installation

The Images of our house after Azek® Trim Installation services

Professional Trim and Siding Installation Services

We recommend PVC window trim, for its workability, beauty, and durability to protect your home from the elements. As strong as it is, it is just as beautiful. Azek® trim comes in a luxurious white finish, which you can keep clean and bright or paint over to match your home’s aesthetic. Azek® trim is designed to make your home stand out!

Azek® Trim is a superior trim material that functions, cuts, and attaches similar to wood. The edges of Azek® trim are sealed to provide maximum security and insulation to each corner of a home, making it far easier to install and saving you valuable time and money. Let us help you with your new Azek® window trim installation.

What is the Process We Use for Exterior Trim Installation?

Custom Trim and Siding Services

Let us take care of this for you.

We are experts in PVC/Azek® trimming. Once we measure, we carefully cut and fasten the PVC trim to fit securely in place with cortex screws and plugs, being sure to also use a top-notch PVC glue to adhere any joints together. PVC/Azek®’s non-porous surface is water-resistant, which is ideal for areas that are susceptible to rain.

By the time we are finished, you will have a home that looks refreshed and revived. No matter which trim you choose, we are sure to be there every step of the way, from the decision process until the installation is done and you are happy!