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We Specialize in James Hardie Siding Installation & Replacement

Here at Morrison Custom Construction, we only use the best siding materials. Between their durability, low maintenance, and luxurious finish, we believe you will be thrilled with the results. Your property value will increase with this change and you will love pulling into your neighborhood and seeing your house.

James Hardie Siding Installation and Replacement

James Hardie Siding Installation

Local Siding Installation & Expert Contractor

We provide excellent work in James Hardie siding installation.

James Hardie sets itself apart with an exceptional finish and top of the line exterior protection for your home. James Hardie siding is fire resistant, storm-resistant, and even pest resistant. We highly recommend James Hardie siding for homes in climates that expect heavy rains and drastic temperature changes during the year, such as the Northeast.

Benefits of Choosing a James Hardie Siding Contractor for Your Home

Morrison Custom Construction Siding Installation

We recommend hiring a James Hardie contractor when it is time to renovate your home. As Hardie contractors, we bring experience and expertise in the most complex solutions for your home. Each installation or replacement is done to keep your home as secure as possible. While vinyl lets pests and water in, James Hardie siding is weather and pest resistant!

We can promise you the best protection on the market and a beautiful home that looks brand new. We can help you improve your curb appeal and protect your property and your family from inclement weather which could harm the structure of your home. Most of all, your siding will last. James Hardie siding’s weather-resistant features include protection against warping, shrinking, and rotting, and it’s even non-combustible. Its energy-efficient properties not only save you money off your energy bill, but will also noticeably cool your home in the warmer months and retain heat better in the winter. Nothing is more important to us than leaving you satisfied and comfortable with your home. We can’t always predict what weather we may face, but we can set you up with the most secure, stable, and durable siding on the market. 

James Hardie Siding replacement & repair services

Morrison Siding Installation and Replacement Process

We will do a complete and thorough job replacing the siding on your home. We will begin by removing the existing siding. We believe preparation is as important as any other step in the process. We inspect your home to ensure that there are no damages or signs of rot in the wood. Before we move on, we replace any wood necessary. From there we will use the proper house wraps and flashings to ensure your home will remain watertight. We’ll flash corners and areas where water could enter or collect. We use an aluminum drip cap with dams on all doors, windows, and penetration blocks. Attention to detail is most important to us. These small details make a huge difference in the overall look and structure of your home. We won’t leave until we’ve cleaned up every last nail or speck of debris and you are satisfied with the result.

Siding Installation Process:

  1. Remove existing siding
  2. Prepare your house
    • Inspect for damages
    • Replace any necessary wood
    • Wrap and flash your home
  3. Drip cap everything with dams
  4. Install penetration blocks
  5. Install siding
  6. Leave your home clean and to your satisfaction!
Siding Installation Process

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